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We are offering a QuickBooks Seminar on March 1 from 10AM to 5PM. This seminar will teach you how to navigate QuickBooks, create a company file, setting up inventory, working with vendors and customers, managing payroll, and creating reports. These topics will give you a great start for managing your business with QuickBooks or enhancing your career opportunities.

The Seminar will be held in Midtown Manhattan. The seminar will include a customize manual with step by step directions. This is a 100% hands on class.

The Seminar will be only $125 per person. Call us now to sign up now as seats are filling up fast.

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The Seminar will include the following topics:
Lesson 1: Getting Started
• Starting QuickBooks
• Introduction to QuickBooks
• Using the Navigators List
• Opening QuickBooks Pages
• Using the Menu Bar
• Using the Icon Bar
• Setting up QuickBooks on a Network
• Learning Common Business Terms
• Exiting QuickBooks

Lesson 2: Setting Up a Company
• Creating a QuickBooks Company
• Using the Chart of Accounts
• Entering Account Opening Balances

Lesson 3: Working with Lists
• Creating Company Lists
• Working with the Customer: Job List
• Working with the Employee List
• Working with the Vendor List
• Adding Customized Fields
• Managing Lists

Lesson 4: Setting Up Inventory
• Entering Products into Inventory
• Ordering Products
• Receiving Inventory
• Paying for Inventory
• Manually Adjusting Inventory

Lesson 5: Selling Your Product
• Creating Invoices

Lesson 6: Invoicing for Services
• Setting Up a Service Item
• Changing the Invoice Format
• Creating a Service Invoice
• Entering Statement Charges
• Creating Billing Statements

Lesson 7: Processing Payments
• Receiving Payments for Invoices
• Making Deposits
• Printing Statements

Lesson 8: Working with Bank Accounts
• Writing a QuickBooks Check
• Using Bank Account Registers
• Entering a Handwritten Check
• Transferring Funds Between Accounts
• Reconciling Checking Accounts

Lesson 9: Entering and Paying Bills
• Handling Expenses
• Using QuickBooks for Accounts Payable
• Entering Bills
• Paying Bills

Lesson 10: Creating Reports
• Creating QuickReports
• Running Preset Reports
• Modifying Preset Reports
• Exporting Reports to Microsoft Excel
• Printing Reports

Lesson 11: Tracking and Paying Sales Tax
• Using Sales Tax in QuickBooks
• Setting Up Tax Rates and Agencies
• Determining What You Owe
• Paying Your Tax Agencies

Lesson 12: Doing Payroll with QuickBooks
• Using Payroll Tracking
• Setting Up for Payroll
• Setting Up Employee Payroll Information
• Writing a Payroll Check
• Printing Paycheck Stubs
• Tracking Your Tax Liabilities
• Paying Payroll Taxes
• Printing Forms 940 and 941


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